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 Ken LeLacheur

is an Alberta Marriage Commissioner, authorized to conduct Civil Marriage ceremonies anywhere in the province of Alberta. 


Plan the Ceremony With the Couple

 A meeting will be required well before the actual ceremony to enable Ken to work with the couple.  This will help to determine how the ceremony will be conducted.  Certain parts are required by law, but most of the ceremony can be tailored to meet the couple's needs.  Through pre-planning, the special day will be what you want it to be.

Conduct the Ceremony at the chosen place and time

​As the offical marriage commissioner, Ken will conduct the ceremony in a manner as simple or as elaborate as you would like it to be.

He will arrive well before the sceduled time to ensure that all is ready and that there is time to make last minute adjustments.


​Submit the paperwork to Alberta Vital Statistics

Following the ceremony, there is some paperwork that must be signed by the couple, the witnesses (2) and Ken as Marriage Commissioner.  This is then submitted to the Vital Statistics office for registration.  The couple will be given their personalized marriage ceremony script.and their "Civil Marriage Statement" that proves they are married.  A Marriage Certificate may be ordered from an Alberta  Registry Agent at a later date.

and have you thought of......
 - a location for your wedding, perhaps choosing some place that is meaningful to you?
- if the ceremony is to be outdoors, is there a "plan B" to deal with inclement weather?
- the requirement to have two adult witnesses who can sign the forms testifying that they have witnessed your marriage?
- including children as part of the wedding party - particularly with blended families?


 In a typical wedding ceremony, the Marriage Commissioner will:

Contact Ken to arrange a time to meet and plan your wedding ceremony.

Marriages in Alberta are governed by Alberta Legislation.  If there are any questions, you may refer to:

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